5 Life Hacks That Will Give You More Time For a Life

In this day and age, the most valuable thing to have on your hands is time. Gone are the days when possessions were the thing you most coveted in your life. Today’s most valuable currency is time.

Gen Y has made the break from the generations before it, to decide the things it most covets, are life experiences. Smart move. You can’t take your yacht to your grave, but you can take all your memories.

With time being so valuable, how to we get more of it, so we can have a life?

1. Get Off The Grid

Seems like an obvious one, but I don’t think we realise what our jobs are doing to us. They demand so much screen time, that we’ve become walking avatars of ourselves. We go to bed sending emails and wake checking them. A balanced life this does no make.

Instead, set aside pre-allotted time in your day to check emails and respond to emails, and that’s it, do not check them at all until the following day.

Your personal life should be just as important as your work life. Otherwise how successful are you really?

Also, why not clear your inbox clutter by using Unroll Me. It will unsubscribe you to any extraneous sites you don’t absolutely need to follow, and any naughty data mining sites that have picked you up as a subscriber along the way.

Not only are emails a modern day addiction but the odd comment on Facebook and trawl on Insta, has become an all day social stalk-a-thon. This Chrome extension, Stay Focused will help you get control over your guilty pleasures, by restricting the amount of time you spend on time-wasting websites. Once your allotted time has ticked over on a site you’ve blocked, it will be inaccessible for the rest of the day. Clever.

Then once you’ve weaned yourself off the grid, you’ll find you’ll have a lot more spare time on your hands to make new connections, or at the very least, strengthen the ones you already have – in person. 

3. Turn The TV Off

With our time-consuming jobs getting us all worked up, a lot of us tend to use television as a stress reliever at the end of the day. This is not good for our social life.

Unless you’re watching a footy game at the pub with your mates or you’ve invited the girls over for “Bachie” night, best turn the tele off and venture out for some social stress relief instead.

Arrange to meet friends after work over a drink on your way home, or combine your stress relief and social life, by doing an evening workout with a friend. 

4. Outsource

Update the tired mantra ‘If you want something done, do it yourself’, to ‘If you want something done, delegate.’

Why clean your house, wash your car or spend hours trawling online dating sites looking for love, when you can pay someone else to do it for you? Money well spent, I say.

Use sites like Airtasker to upload your odd jobs and chores, and someone else can spend their time on things you shouldn’t be. This will free up unexpected amounts of valuable time, to spend as you please. Plus, you’ll have a nice clean car to drive there in.

And as for finding love, Perth singles, use a matchmaker. You’ll only spend 1.5hrs speaking to one face-to-face, who will then go out and do the hunting for you. Why lose the equivalent of one working day a week on the hunt for love, when you can leave it to a professional matchmaking expert? Try our elite Perth dating service for yourself.

4. Eat Out

Turn your necessary activities into social activities. Why eat all your meals at home or in the office? Venture out and turn your morning coffee into a cheeky caffeine fuelled catch-up, or your Sunday bowl of bran flakes into a brunch, with a bunch of friends.

Why not arrange a post-weekend catch-up with friends or colleagues at the local café on a Monday morning; you can share your stories over a soy latté and ease your way into the working week.

Food and conversation go hand in hand, so why not inject life into more meals and add breakfast to your social repertoire.

Why should dinner get all the love?

Eating your brekky out at least once a week will give you a caffeine and conversation fix, in one hit – with a side of bacon.

It’s also a great time of day to schedule a catch up, if you can get your social fix done in the morning, you’ll leave the rest of the day for whatever unplanned activities take your fancy. Whereas, if you schedule something in the middle of the day, you’re left with smaller windows either side to be spontaneous.

5. Don’t Exercise Alone

Combining types of activities to make them more social is a great life hack. This also applies to your exercise routine.

This doesn’t mean you can’t go to the gym by yourself, but what it does mean is, go to the gym. Exercise where there are people so you can again turn a necessary activity, into a social one.

Do a spin class with a mate, do a yoga class with a girlfriend, or just spot each other at the bench. Whatever the activity, make it a weekly catch-up routine.

None of these life hacks are that hard to implement and the benefits far out way any potential cost. So here’s to a better life in 2016!

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