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What’s holding you back from love?







  • Feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your current relationship but can’t understand why?
  • Starting to worry time is passing quickly and your goals are not happening?
  • Do events from your past create underling trust or self-esteem issues.
  • Is rejection and abandonment bringing up feelings of frustration and unworthiness?.
  • Are you feeling disconnected unsupported or taken for granted by your partner?
  • Has dating started to affect your confidence or you struggle to get out of the friend zone?
  • Do you have a tendency to attract emotionally unavailable people or the opposite to what you really want?
  • Are you feeling lonely, left out, anxious and stuck in a rut?




  • Align your values with your goals for purpose driven results.
  • Set personal boundaries to attract healthy committed relationships
  • Enhance communication, intimacy and trust into all relationships?
  • Transform obstacles and limiting self beliefs that hold you back from living a life with meaning and purpose.
  • Elevate your confidence, self worth and help you discover your inner spark.



Now some of the COVID-19 restrictions have eased what does this mean for the online dating community? Read my latest article in The Sydney Morning Herald to find out more

Being ignored or BREADCRUMBED? It can be very confusing when your partner or someone you are interested in starts ignoring you, being flaky or offers you crumbs. Watch the latest video on YouTube to find out why this happens and what to do when it does.

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Relationship Goals


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Helping you break the dating cycle, connect with confidence and discover your soul mate.
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Life Programs

Are you working towards a healthy heart felt relationship? Strengthen connection and raise your value.
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Self Development

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My Professional Truth

I am an activist of love with over 25 years’ experience restoring hope to anyone on the journey of deeper life fulfillment through love and relationships. I’ve helped 1000’s of people attract, meet and develop strong foundations for healthy relationships with my collective list of credentials as an internationally accredited Matchmaker and Dating Development coach. With extensive studies and training in human behaviour, body language and communication my work as a relationship strategist transforms challenges, conflicts and past hurts with the outcome of achieving connected heartfelt relationships.


My philosophy and adaptability to the changing landscape of the digital age set me apart from other relationship industry professionals. Technology might have changed the way we meet and communicate but it hasn’t changed the way we love, people need people as much as ever.

It has always been my core belief that relationships impact the quality of our life. The desire to give and receive love, be accepted, respected and significant to another person is one of our greatest challenges and achievements. My quest to deeper understand human behaviour and how we love led me to travel the world studying and training in methodologies from leading experts. Applying collective principles and developing unique techniques combining nearly 3 decades of practical experience and working with 1000’s of people, I have created a range of courses and services aimed at helping people attract love, keep love alive and heal from love.

As a writer and trusted media commentator I am regularly called upon to offer expert advice and opinions on relationships, dating, body language, business and communication and have appeared on Channel 7, Channel 10, Channel 9, , The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, West Australian, and various radio stations.

My Personal Truth​

I grew up…

Born in the UK my parents, 3 sisters and of course myself migrated to Australia when I was 5, the same year my mother and father separated and my father took sole custody of my sisters and I. Growing up in the 70’s in the hills of Perth was almost like growing up in the country. Not much to do except embrace the Australian outdoor lifestyle.

Living a very humble life I grew up in simple times where you played outside when it was light, creatively making up your own games, climbing trees, exploring nature, stealing bareback rides on the horses in the paddocks, making bonfires and sleeping under the stars when it was too hot in the house.

My Dad was a proper Englishman with an old school upbringing and instilled strict discipline, manners and consideration for others ahead of oneself. At the time I thought it was positively awful but as I grew I came to deeply respect the early childhood lessons.


My early childhood experiences …

My early childhood experiences of watching my mother walk down the road, suitcases in hand, leaving her 4 young girls to be raised by their father was both heartbreak and saviour. As a 5 year old, I felt the pain of loss and grief, the brutal sting of not being good enough for my own mum to love me enough to take me with her. I felt the abandonment, unworthiness, loneliness, and fear crying myself to sleep for what felt like years.

But, in the same moment, my mother simultaneously taught me the importance of hope optimism and resilience, she taught me how to solve my own problems, how to self-nurture and protect myself, she taught me independence but most of all she taught me what it felt to love. She gave me the greatest gift of understanding that without love we don’t feel truly happy.

My father confirmed this when I witnessed him transform from a man thrust into the role of bringing up 4 children alone in a foreign country losing his self-identity and struggling to keep a brave face, to a man full of confidence, clarity and playfulness when he met my step mother.

I was fascinated by love and in social situations when the other kids went off to play I would sit quietly and watch the interactions between adults. Observing the changing characteristics and affection displayed towards each other. I had little time for TV unless it had something to do with a happy ending of love choosing The Love Boat and Perfect Match over Happy days and Mork and Mindy.

Watching my father’s pain and his transformation drove me to believe that there is someone out there for everyone.


My first self development book…

As a teenager I was un ulgy duckling, not popular with the girls, boys didn’t notice me, average grades, not sporty, no talents, feeling like I didn’t belong and desperate to be anything else or anywhere else. At 15 I was given a book called Being happy by Andrew Mathews which changed my perception. I read that book over and over. I began believing I could do anything I choose and I set goals for myself which I shared with no one, it was a secret game I played with myself and the more I achieved the more curious I became.

Self development and human potential has always been part of my life.


I opened my first business at 19…

Just before my 17th Birthday I moved out of home working several jobs to make ends meet. At 19 whilst working as a telephonist for a large door to door sales company I saw an opportunity to provide a service making lunches for their sales crew. I opened my first business which was making more money than 3 jobs working 20 hours a week. I had several other jobs along the way but nothing seemed to fill the void of wanting to help people.

I was 21 when I saw an advertisement that was to change my life. I started my career in the love industry working for a busy introduction agency. Within 2 years the opportunity opened up to buy a smaller agency and with the help of investors my next goal was realised. Over the past 28 years I have continued to explore every area of the love and relationship industry and have opened 9 start up business providing services to help people have fulfill their relationship goals.


My life’s joy…

Everything I love is attached to Freedom. I have created a life where I have the freedom to choose where I work, when I work, what time I wake up or go to sleep. I have the freedom to travel and explore both for business or adventure. My love of nature and the outdoors reminds me to be grateful for the freedom we have to be present in the moment and enjoy the little things often taken for granted. My love of animals reminds me of the freedom we have to live without expectation of others and to love them unconditionally. The greatest freedom of all is the freedom to be myself without limiting self beliefs or needing the approval of others.


My family…

The greatest joy of my life has been the privilege to give life to two wonderful humans. Living on the west coast of Australia in a beachside location we adopt a healthy balanced lifestyle and enjoy a small outer family with an abundance of love.


You’ll always find me…

In the kitchen at parties or sitting talking to your grandmother somewhere away from the crowd. I don’t have much energy for small talk and prefer connected conversations rather than being the centre of attention.

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Magnetism Masterclass

Have you ever wondered what it is about some people who get all the attention? Even though they aren’t the best looking, funniest or even considered a good catch they seem to attract amazing people. Do you want to be more desirable, charismatic and succeed in love and dating?


Louanne has a special gift in that she is able to see your issue, through your words and fumbled explanation. then offer suggestions that you can use to… better your approach to whatever issues you’re dealing with. you rock Louanne. ❤


Wow – Louanne – I cannot put into words everything that you did – I know that you helped me to change my life outcome 🤗❤️ ☯️ what you did was from the heart too 🤗👍😍


Louanne, you’re the best babe! You’re on the money every time when you’re on the panel, you’re good TV! Stay authentic and poignant. Thank you Louanne! X


I did my homework. And I get it. I have everything I’m looking for in my life. Funny thing happened – as soon as I recognised I was holding onto money fears unnecessarily – a couple of big payments came to me unexpectedly! Thanks Louanne


Hi Louanne, Thank you for another wonderful session yesterday… but every session is wonderful. Feeling great relief, also slept well last night. Much love and gratitude.


Thank you Louanne, it’s important to learn from all aspects of our experiences. Take ownership of who we are and be the best versions of ourselves. It’s people like yourself that share with us the tools to guide us to understanding how to achieve this. Thanks for sharing your light to me. x


Hi L – I really enjoyed our session the other day and it’s given me hope that I can move past this current phase and approach things differently from that point – I have to say i’m very much looking forward to being shown how to become more empowered.


Thank you Louanne, you have given me so much confidence & belief. I will do my homework. I’m feeling excited & empowered safe travels 😘


Great video today I really liked the idea of wanting to know someone better by asking some fun questions that are thought provoking and that from their and your answers we will both be seeing and getting to know each other on a deeper level.


Louanne challenges me to examine situations from multiple perspectives … Louanne’s videos and posts are thought provoking which is often the spark one needs to motivate and inspire to put you on your right path to be the best you can be…


Thank you for fantastic dating advice and for giving up your valuable time to message me. I hope I put your wonderful advice into use successfully Louanne. Thank you once again!!!



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