Falling in Love Again

Whether you have found yourself single again after coming out of a long term relationship, or you are thinking about dating someone who has just left one, it’s important to think about all the factors at play before you get in too deep. For some, it will work out perfectly – you just needed to kiss a few people who weren’t right for you, but now you have found the ideal partner. For others, it might be a case of a love rebound: you’re not ready to be out of love, and it’s all too easy to settle down again with the next great person you meet.

Take your time

We don’t mean that you need to take your time when it comes to meeting someone new or beginning a new relationship. But when you do meet a new person, take the time to get to know them properly, and give the relationship time to grow before you make any big moves. There’s no need to move at a glacial pace, but don’t throw yourself into something big straight away. You might also need time to heal from your past relationship, whether that is alone or freely within a new relationship.

Trust yourself

It’s incredibly important to be in touch with your own emotions and feelings when entering into a new relationship after a long term partnership. It may sound cheesy, but deep down you will know whether you are ready for something new, or whether you need to spend some time alone first. Maybe you need to spend time with other loved ones or friends and family before you delve into something new, or maybe you know that anything left behind in your previous relationship won’t make its way into a new one.

Think about what you have learned

Above many other things, long term relationships are an incredible learning experience. We learn so much about ourselves, both as individuals and how we operate in our relationships. Think about what you have learned along the way, both the good and the bad, and think about what you want to bring into a new relationship. Falling in love again is a chance to make up for the things that didn’t work so well last time, or to enhance on all the positive things you bring to a partnership.

Don’t leave your new partner hanging

As important as it is to take your time thinking about what you want and need, and to take time to heal, if you do meet someone who you think is just right for you, don’t leave them hanging in limbo. If you need time, ask for it and let them know that you can’t make a decision right away. If it feels right, a relationship might be just want you need to mend a potentially broken heart – so go for it. Make sure you are open and honest with your new partner, and keep them in the loop.

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