Love in the time of the Coronavirus

Most people find the road to love hard enough in a perfect world, let alone in the world of coronavirus. There is no doubt your daily life will be disrupted in some manner, if not in routine in will manifest in fear, doubt and uncertainly of what tomorrow brings. Self-reflection of the most important things uncover the quality of life is dependent on the simple things, health and love topping the list. With the threat of our health at risk and the need to socially distance ourselves, the feeling of loss of control is heightened. How can you maintain a sense of self-empowerment and social interaction vitally important to mental health and emotional wellbeing and retain some sense of normalcy?
Keeping safe and taking precautions to minimize the chance of infection remains the highest priority, with the hindrance of social distancing limiting options its little wonder finding love and dating during a pandemic might feel hopeless. But before resigning yourself to be an unwilling victim of singledom there is GOOD NEWS in both the short and long term.
1) People date with intention of an outcome, not instant gratification.
2) Social distancing forcing people away from crowds, less distraction more connection with one on one dates.
3) Dates will be safest outdoors which not only are more fun there is also scientific health benefits, including boosting the immune system and reducing stress (both essential in these times).
4) More likely to give people a second date rather than playing the numbers game. This is hugely beneficial as it will see things slow down and build emotional connections before physical ones (like we did before digital dating).
5) Reducing numbers of recreational daters and the hook up culture, helping mend the culture of people being disposable.
Your dating life doesn’t have to come to a standstill. Some things might have to wait, but love doesn’t. Take precautions, be socially aware and responsible but don’t stop living and loving your life.
These outdoor date suggestions coincide with Australian health and safety standards.
Wine and Dine Al Fresco
Take your wining and dining outdoors! For an easy, and charming date, try a grazing platter paired with a delicious bottle of wine either at Covid-19 compliant venue or head to your favorite outdoor location. Take the dogs to a park on a sunny afternoon, for a more romantic affair an evening picnic under the stars.
Make a date to enjoy some of Australia’s natural beauty walking a scenic bush trail in a regional on national park. Take in the native scenery, wildlife, while you breathe the fresh air and converse along the way. The potential is limitless!
Bike Ride
Cycle a coastal bike path or explore an unknown suburb. This is a wonderful opportunity to get out into the sunshine and spend quality time on a date.
Horse Riding
Taking someone horse riding is a sweet and romantic gesture which has multiple benefits to the quality of the date, your health and wellbeing.
If you’re after some adventure and adrenaline why not go Paintballing? During stressful times, it’s important to play. Paintball is a great way to get to know one another shaking off the dating jitters and enjoying some good old-fashioned fun!
Mini Golf
Slightly more relaxed than paintball but equally fun is mini golf. Take your date mini golfing for a bit of healthy competition and lighthearted banter.
Head to the beach!
Have your next coronavirus-approved date at the beach! The fresh air, sound of the waves, cool water on your feet all raise your mood and help you relax. Go for an early morning walk or fish and chips at sunset. Even on a cold windy day it’s a great place to be, not only are you likely to be alone it’s interesting seeing what has washed up on the shore and opens a more natural topic of conversation.