Miners or Fly in Fly out workers

The mining industry has created many opportunities for the men and women of Australia to secure jobs with a high income both locally and offshore.

But what effect does the fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) roster have on these workers’ social lives and families?

A Demanding job with lots of travel can put enormous pressure on a relationship. Lifestyle and lack of social opportunities are making it harder than ever for people in fly in fly out jobs to meet new people.

With limited spare time to trawl the pub and clubs or meet through normal social avenues the single miner is at a major disadvantage of meeting new and interesting people. Of course there is internet dating which is a good option for many singles but what about those who don’t want to be displayed for the world to see on a website? Internet dating is by far one of the most time consuming ways to meet new people. Given the lack of spare time and available hours for dating there has to be an easier, more efficient and successful way to meet other singles.

Dating Services and Introduction agencies are fast becoming a most sensible and popular alternative to online dating and the singles scene. Each client is met face to face by a qualified relationship consultant, during the consultation the matchmaker will compile a detailed profile on you and your personality traits, they discuss your relationship goals and ideas of a suitable partner.

On becoming a member the dating service will screen and speak to many suitable candidates on your behalf. While you are away working there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that when you are back home on a break that your spare time will be used to meet genuine singles.

The greatest advantage of using a professional dating agency is that you meet genuine singles who are there for the same reason as you. Both parties are given the opportunity to accept or decline the match,  you have to be genuinely single to join a dating agency therefore you have more confidence that your date will actually be ready for a committed relationship. You are using your spare time to the best advantage by having your own matchmaker to introduce you to compatible singles so you can use all your spare time to concentrate on the most important factor and that is finding happiness.

Whether you are looking for a friendship, companionship or long-term relationship a professional dating service is an intelligent and successful way to get real dates with real singles.

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