Tired of First Dates?

As fun as it looks on TV, dating can be exhausting. It’s not all candlelit dinners and fun nights out on the town – it’s also meeting people who you just don’t click with, getting dressed up time and time again, and spending time and money on people who just aren’t ticking the right boxes. Don’t worry, we get it – and we’ve heard this story time and time again.

The Virtual Cupid can be tough

You’ve read your fifth cringe worthy Tinder message this week (pick-up lines, really!?), you’re sick of dead end conversations on Plenty of Fish, or you just can’t deal with one more person hitting on you in a bar. You appreciate it when your friends set you up on blind or double dates, but it’s usually a bit of a disaster, or you just end up making a new friend. You’re sick of men or women that just take you for granted, spend dates peering into their phone screens, or are just kind of jerks.

The new art of “ghosting”

Maybe you’ve even been ghosted, or perhaps you’re a little guilty of it. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, ghosting usually rolls along like this: you go on a couple of dates with someone, and everything seems to be going fairly well. You’re getting flirty, you have things in common, they don’t seem to have a criminal record. And then suddenly, they seem to drop off the face of the earth. They don’t text, they don’t call, and you’re left feeling confused and frustrated. It’s not a great move, but it’s happening more and more frequently!

The dating scene is for everyone, don’t give up!

So, after all of that, you have probably decided that the dating scene just isn’t for you. Instead, you’re going to stay home in your dressing gown, grab a bottle of wine, and settle in to watch other people experience dating disasters on The Bachelor. You’re over it, you’re done with putting yourself out there, and you’re going to just wait for it to happen naturally. If not, you’ll be fine: there’s always your friends, and your career, and your cats – right? Well, yes. But there is another way!

Stop dating duds!

If you’re ready to meet the love of your life but are sick of dating duds, why not get a professional matchmaker on board? It’s not that you’re done with love, you’re just done with dating. You are positive about your own abilities and personality, plus your passion and loyalty in relationships – you just haven’t found the right person to share it with. So, get a professional matchmaker involved and let them do the hard yards!

At PMM and Associates, our team of expert matchmakers connect Perth’s most eligible singles based on their wants, needs, and personalities. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we don’t waste your time with people who aren’t as committed to finding love as you are, or with singles who you just won’t click with. Have a chat to one of our matchmakers about who you’re looking for, and let us find them for you.

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