How To Use Your Work Skills To Find Love

So you’ve got everything going for you, good job, great apartment, solid friendships, but you haven’t found that special someone. It seems it’s a bit of a by-product of success these days, but can we truly have it all?

Perth singles, of course you can! There’s no reason why not.

When you spend so much time on being successful it doesn’t leave a lot of time for love – a modern day dilemma. But, you can turn this into a positive for your love life. Why not take some of your work skills and use them to find love? 

Be entrepreneurial 

Every time you step out of the office, is an opportunity to meet someone. Be entrepreneurial in your thinking. Go to places where men or women are, then when you’re there, approach them. Take the initiative; it’ll be worth the risk.

If you’re looking to meet a man, the airport lounges are full of them. Now, we’re not saying book a flight so you can meet a man, but on your next business trip, strike up a conversation with someone you like the look of, in the lounge. Ask them where they’re going, you never know, they might be on your flight. Then you might be lucky enough to spend the next few hours talking.

Another good one is the café near the office. Use that time before work not only to get your caffeine fix but to meet people who work nearby. Ask someone you like the look of in the queue where they work, or even better, ask them what their favourite brew is, and buy it for them the following day. Then when they thank you for it, you can tell them they can return the favour by buying you a glass of wine sometime.

If you’re looking to meet a woman, go to the gym on your lunch break. Guaranteed a lunchtime Pump class will have at least a 75% female to male ratio. Take advantage of these odds, and strike up a conversation with a woman you like the look of before class. There’s always ample waiting time before the class starts to have a chat. Put in some groundwork for next week’s class – when you should ask her out.

Why not use those lunchtime errands as an opportunity to meet a woman? The lunch bar you normally get your sandwich from, the bank, and the local post office can all be places where you can meet someone on company time. If you see a woman at the lunch bar you like the look of, ask her if she works around there, and if she’d like to share a sandwich sometime; perhaps suggest a picnic in the park – if there’s one nearby.

At the bank and post office, start chatting to someone you’re attracted to in the queue – there’s always queues at peak time; why not take advantage of that? Ask her if she also wishes she could pay someone to do these errands for her. It’ll break the ice and the conversation will start flowing from there.


Why clean your house, wash your car or spend hours trawling online dating sites looking for love – when you can pay someone else to do it for you? Use sites like Airtasker to upload your odd jobs and chores, and someone else can spend their time on things you shouldn’t have to.

Outsourcing frees up much valuable time, for you to use socially so you can find that special someone. Plus, you can have a nice clean car to pick them up in.

You can even outsource a matchmaker to help you find love. Hundreds of busy Perth singles are already using an executive dating and matchmaking service to help them find a partner. Why lose the equivalent of one working day a week on the hunt for love, when you can leave it to a professional matchmaking expert? Make sense. Try our elite Perth dating service for yourself. 


Go out and try things you’ve never done before. Take up a new skill and go and have lessons; it will open you up to a whole new social circle, in which you could potentially find your new partner.

Take a salsa class, do a meditation course, learn how to kite surf. Up-skilling is a great way to meet new people while learning a new expertise. 


Use your work and social events as an opportunity to meet new people and broaden your friendship circle. Even if the people you meet might aren’t single, they might have a friend or sister that are.

This doesn’t mean throw yourself at your clients after a few champagnes, but do have a conversation with them about something that isn’t work related.

Chat to them about what they do in their spare time; show a little interest beyond the boardroom, you might be surprised at the connection you form.

Just because you’re really good at business, doesn’t mean you’ll be really good at romance, but if you take the skills you’re good at and apply them to your romantic life, you’re bound to get a positive result. Just remember to make it fun; finding love shouldn’t be hard work.

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