Is Desperation Affecting Your Love Life?

It is easy to get carried away when you feel like you have met the man or woman of your dreams. They’re always at the forefront of your mind, and you feel like no matter how much you see them, you can never get enough. However, nothing is more unattractive than coming across as desperate in your love life. Whether you are dating in Perth or would like to try and meet your next partner through a professional matchmaking service, there are certain behaviours that should be avoided at all costs unless you want to come across as desperate and clingy, and ruin the potential of something before it has even started.

Maintaining a healthy balance is essential for a happy relationship

Although you may feel like you want to spend every waking moment with your new love interest, it is vital to maintain a healthy balance so that you don’t give up your values and continue to do the things that make you happy (as this is part of who you are which attracted that person to you in the first place). For instance, don’t be TOO available, and if your date rings you at the very last minute to ask you out, there is nothing wrong with telling them that you are busy and would like to plan something for another time with more advance notice.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

It is important to keep healthy personal boundaries in place, and not to cross them by being too clingy. It is a fundamental human belief that the things we consider to be abundant require less attention, while the things we consider to be scarce and valuable get plenty of attention. This theory might work well in the jungle, but placing this amount of focus and intensity onto a new partner can end very badly. Desperate daters are terrified that they will get dumped, and believe there aren’t many potential partners out there, so if they end up losing this person, they think their life will be over! They cling too tightly, act possessively, ask too many intrusive questions and don’t give the other person a healthy amount of space. This is an unbalanced mindset and can result in quite the opposite of the desired effect. Often the other person will feel suffocated and leave the relationship.

A constant need for validation could be pushing your partner away

It is important to remember that life gets busy sometimes, and while you may feel like you have been forgotten about, just because your partner is busy with work and social commitments, does not mean that they do not care about you. Being an adult comes with responsibilities that need to be fulfilled, and desperate daters often require constant relationship status updates. This is similar to a child on a long road trip who is constantly asking, “are we nearly there yet?” This might work for a while, but usually the desperado dater’s constant requests for reassurance result in the exhausted partner running away.

Be transparent, communication goes a long way

The key to avoiding desperation and enjoying a healthy, fulfilling partnership all lies in communication. No matter what stage you are at in your relationship, communication is key and not only will you feel better once you openly communicate your feelings, you will also gain a much better understanding of what your partner is dealing with and decide whether or not their busy lifestyle will work with yours in the long term. Find out how we can put you in touch with compatible potential partners through our dating services in Perth by speaking to our friendly and experienced team today, our success stories speak for themselves.

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